The Wakerly Technology Training Center: A Year in Review

By Carole Burns

As I sit here in the Wakerly Technology Training Center, I think back on all the changes that have taken place during the past year. Some ideas worked, others didn’t. But then again,  you only fail if you fail to try. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don’t like to turn down a challenge. I took over the WTTC and made a radical move. I opened the door!

This was not as easy as it sounds. There was the problem of students not realizing that even with the door open they could come in and work. Add to this the problem of security and the challenge of getting into the building to use the lab after hours. All were solved with a bright yellow doorstop, a call to public safety  and some additional student employees. Can we talk Einstein for a moment? Nine students answered the call and were trained in the use of the common software tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and iLife. The Resident Einstein staff assures that students using the lab will always have someone to bounce ideas off of and assistance when they get stuck.

A bigger problem was that technology moves quicker than the funds to support it. Thankfully, the computers in the lab were up for replacement, so the old PowerMacs were moved out and brand new iMacs moved in to replace them. A 52-inch LCD monitor with a laptop for an instruction station completed the transformation. Now the lab can be used for project work or to complete training sessions.

To help offset costs of upgrades to software and hardware the Diederich College is working towards gaining Apple Certified Training Center status. This means that the College will be able to offer the certification classes to area businesses requiring updates to their skill sets, as well as students and alumni members. It is my hope to keep the Wakerly alive with student life.

This year, we’ve just introduced 3D animation software coursework, open to any student interested. This will not be an additional cost and will hold no credit status. A skill learned, however, will always be a great addition to your resume!

I also plan on working with the Dean to create a multimedia workshop for pre-college students during the summer months. Faculty will not go unnoticed with the return of technology training camps offered during July and August and then we are off to the races once again with the start of the 2011 school year.

I hope that next year at this time, I will reflect on yet another successful year. In the meantime, check back often to follow the updates, training courses and advances in technology—both on campus and off!

Carole J. Burns is the Director of the Wakerly Technology Training Center at Marquette University. Follow her on Twitter @burnsy1217.

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