Why I Think Interns are ACEs!

By Sheena Carey
I am the internship director for the Diederich College of Communication and I have a secret. It’s not a well-kept secret because I tend to tell it to anyone who will listen—every student should have at least one internship experience in their chosen career field before graduating into the world of work.

Why is it important? Who would you rather take care of your health needs—someone who has read a lot about medicine or someone who has a proven track record applying what he or she has learned in medical school as medical resident? The difference between the two is experience.
When you sit down with a prospective employer and are asked to connect your skill set with specific behaviors and experiences, how will you respond? What will you draw upon to convince that employer that you can do the job?

  • An internship experience can provide you with a strong and specific response.
  • An internship experience can set you apart from other candidates.
  • An internship experience provides you an opportunity to make an informed decision about your career choice.
  • An internship experience helps you grow a network of contacts, advisors, and advocates.
  • An internship experience is a necessary good in your pursuit of your career dream.

Why should you do an internship? I can give you reasons all day long about why you should. What reasons can you give for why you should not?
Internships are part of the educational experience the Diederich College of Communication is committed to providing its students. My commitment is to ensure that you have a complete educational experience and that includes providing you with opportunities to apply classroom theory in real world settings.

Diederich College of Communication interns are ACEs—they have access to networks and professional resources. They can make informed choices about their career paths. They graduate from Marquette with valuable experiences that position them for success in the job market.

Sheena Carey is the internship coordinator for the Diederich College of Communication.

1 Response to “Why I Think Interns are ACEs!”

  1. 1 Sarah March 26, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Sheena, this is a great article and so, so true! As a graduating senior from Marquette, I can attest that internships have not only helped me figure out the career path I want to take, but having them on my resume has assisted in my job search. Glad you’re spreading the news further!

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