And the Winner Is…Marquette Student Media

By Steve Byers

This has been a great year for Marquette’s print and online student media, and now’s the time when students collect the swag. Staffers from the Tribune, Journal and Student Media Interactive won multiple awards  in three big contests. Perhaps the most notable part of it all, though, is that our print student journalists also cleaned up in online and multimedia, reflecting the expanded web presence of the Tribune and Journal. Convergence works.  Here are the contests and individual winners:

The Milwaukee Press Club brought in 11 total awards, including five first place. Winners were:  Rebecca Prybell, Tony DiZinno and Derrick Chengery, 2nd place for news story, “Freshman Death Stuns Campus“; Derrick Chengery,1st place, single feature story over 30,” “From Soldier to Student“; Jen Michalski, 3 awards for one story,1st, single feature story under 30,” “On Site: Student Activists Rally at Annual Vigil,” a story for which she traveled to Georgia on less than 24 hours notice, 2nd place for both still photograph “WHINSEC Mime” and for photo gallery or slideshow with “WHINSEC Teach-in”; Rosemary Lane,1st, editorial or commentary, “Take Advantage of Nurturing MU Community”; Jessie Mahne, 1st, online media: podcast or webcast, “Trib Trio” podcasts; Rebecca Prybell and Tim Gorichanaz, 2nd, online media: innovative feature for a Flash infographic; John Luetk, 2nd, online media: web site design; we swept the category in use of video storytelling, Sarah Milnar, 1st, for her photo slideshow “A Blue & Gold Salute” and Kaellen Hessel, 2nd, for her “Articulation” video.

The Marquette Tribune and four staff members won five awards in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association Collegiate Contest.  The awards included the Tribune winning first place for general excellence in Group A, the highest award possible. Individuals honored were Sarah Milnar, a second place for general reporting, “Campus Celebration Hits the Streets”; Patrick Johnson, a second place for graphics, “From Pabst to Present”; Kaellen Hessel, 3rd,  feature writing, “Making It to the Mall,” and Eric Grover, honorable mention, column, “Beware of the Vitamins.”

At the SPJ Region Six awards, we won eight awards in the four-year-college category. Actual placement wasn’t announced but all finished among the top three. Awards were for best student magazine, the Journal, Patrick Johnson, Sara J. Martinez, Brooke McEwen; nonfiction magazine article, Sara J. Martinez, Journal; also Alexandra Engler, Journal; and Joey Kimes, Journal (we swept all three winners in this category); online opinion & commentary, Jesse Carpender, Journal; Patrick Johnson, Journal, and Alise Buerher, Journal; general column writing, Molly Gamble, Tribune; and sports writing, Tim Kraft, Tribune.

Steve Byers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism at Marquette University’s Diederich College of Communication.

2 Responses to “And the Winner Is…Marquette Student Media”

  1. 1 Sara J. Martinez April 8, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    The Milwaukee Press Club actually brought in 15 awards for student media, and six were first place —

    The Journal won 1st and 2nd place in “Best Blog” for Patrick Johnson’s “The Popular Opinion” and Alise Buehrer’s “A’s List,” respectively. Joey Kimes’ “A Golden History” took 2nd place for “Best Sports Story.”

    MUTV’s Marquette on the Line special on body image, in line with the December convergence project led by the Journal, took 2nd place for public affairs program, honoring students Sabrina Bong, Lauren Ciarrachi, Lauren Bradley, Ryan Chambers and Jordan Abudayyeh.


    Popular Opinion (1st place blog):

    A’s List (2nd place blog):

    “A Golden History” by Joey Kimes (2nd place, sports):

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