Reflections After the Workshop

By Carole Burns

Johnston Hall, third floor hallwayQuiet.

Up until noon last Friday these three words would be far off from the atmosphere of lab 300 in Johnston Hall.  For the past two weeks the Diederich College of Communication and Marquette University has been host to fifteen pre-college students as they navigate their way through multimedia journalism.

I had the pleasure of pulling all their hard work together into an iWeb format amidst the calls for help from the students. Jen Janviere and I worked daily with the students to help them build their skills and move to new heights.

But something else happened in the meantime. I saw a group of 15 strangers come together as a well oiled journalistic machine. Rose Richard and Sheena Carey directed the program and made sure the students made it to pre-arranged interviews on time.

Google maps really got a work out from our lab!

Gary Rummler proved once again that it is possible to train students in the art of journalistic style of writing.  Students are made aware of his standards from day one. “I never saw so much blue ink” was a common comment on the blogs from the students involved.  (Blue ink is Gary’s color of choice – forced upon by the lack of any other color in the lab)

But now all the articles are in, pictures have been cropped, video’s created, daily blogs are put to rest, camera equipment returned and the computers slowly turned off as each is cleaned of any evidence that the workshop even took place.

But still, I hear the call for assistance in my head. I will miss this group, as it is the first time I have been this involved in the process.  I was amazed at how well the website turned out. It will take me a few days to produce the final product, but for tonight I am just a little sad at the prospect of heading home without the knowledge that I will be working with a great group of promising journalists in the morning.

Hopefully they will return to Marquette as full-time students in the College.

Carole J. Burns is the Director of the Wakerly Technology Training Center at Marquette University. Follow her on Twitter @burnsy1217.

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