Conference Technology Earns High Praise

By Carole Burns

Vatican Conference Live Stream at Marquette UniversityThis past week Marquette University hosted a Vatican Conference with a focus on communication.

My “Einstein” video team of student workers was called into action. We provided both video coverage and live stream coverage of the various sessions that were held.

I monitored the three video streams to assure that the stream was functioning properly. We put three MacBook Pro laptops to the task with attached Canon ZR900 video cameras connected via Firewire.  This setup allowed us to use tripods which would give us the best opportunity for viewable content.

If you check out the main website you will see the agenda and room numbers.  The streams were all recorded and can be viewed here: AMU Room 305:
AMU Room 252:
AMU Room 313:

In addition, I put on my photographer hat and practiced some of the techniques I’ve learned in the past two months. While I still have a long way to go – you can view the 400+ photos on my Flickr stream.

During the three days of sessions the Einsteins also provided much needed technical support.  They were available to assist with PowerPoint setup, audio and video feeds.

The event went like clockwork. The students used their training from the year to ease the nerves of presenters and show that Marquette University is the location for a technologically sound conference.

As presenter after presenter approached me to compliment the technology support they had received I couldn’t help but beam with pride. This was our opportunity to prove what we had been training for this past year, and we put all of our team work and skill into action and proved we could meet the challenge.

I know that this school year will be a strong turning point for the lecture capture series and that my team will be at the heart of a new phase in the Wakerly Technology Training Center.

Carole J. Burns is the Director of the Wakerly Technology Training Center at Marquette University. Follow her on Twitter @burnsy1217.

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