Six Must-Know Online Resources for Journalists

Posted by the Diederich College of Communication

It’s no longer enough to just be a great writer; today’s well-prepared journalist must be well-versed (if not fluent) in using social media and emerging multimedia technology to gather sources and get the story out to the public. Luckily, there are some helpful resources designed to help navigate the new frontier of journalism in the digital age. Below are six must-know websites for anyone working in the profession.

According to the site description, is a place “where journalism and technology meet.” The site provides information about the tools that shape digital journalism, including examples and tutorials of both emerging and established technology.

Society for Professional Journalists: List of Influential Journalists to Follow on Twitter
SPJ has compiled an ever-expanding Twitter list of people offering insight into the field of journalism. A glimpse into what others in the profession are doing, saying, writing and following.

AP Style Guide Update
Long considered the journalist’s bible, the AP Style Guide now includes information about incorporating social media and online terminology into writing and reporting. There are also tips for maximizing social media use as a news gathering tool and how to verify the authenticity of online sources. The style guide has its own Twitter feed for journalists to ask questions and post comments.

Reporters’ Guide to Multimedia Proficiency
Great information compiled by journalist, web developer and educator Mindy McAdams (University of Florida) about the use of social media and multimedia technology for journalism in the digital age. The guide has useful information on podcasts, blogging, RSS, basic video editing, storytelling and more. Available as a PDF download.

McAdams is also author of the Journalists’ Toolkit, another terrific resource for aspiring and veteran journalists alike.

According to its site description, is a top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. Mashable reports breaking web news, analyzes online trends, reviews new websites and services, and offers social media resources and guides.

The site provides tips, news and commentary about the future of media, social media, mobile trends, innovation in media, online journalism and digital storytelling. examines how digital technology transforms the media.

Know of any sites not mentioned here? This list represents just a small fraction of the online resources available to journalists, so drop us a line to know about your favorite websites for journalism, technology, social media trends and news.

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