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Alumni Share Their Memories of the Journalism Program

By the Diederich College of Communication

Recently, alumni of our Journalism program shared their favorite memories of college through the Marquette University Facebook page. We’ve selected a few favorites to share with our readers.

“You mean we have to compose a story right on the typewriter? We can’t write it out long-hand first?!?!?!”
–Linda Drezdzon on her first day of Journalism 101

“Learning to write tight. Sitting at a small table w/ Prof Reedy as he described turning points in political campaigns. Researching my assigned Milwaukee address for Prof Salsini’s Jour 101. Media law w/Dr Scotton. The Journal couch. The green glow of Trib VDTs. Laying out the Hilltop into summer. Prof Brill’s guidance. Job leads from Ed Pepan after graduation.”
–Kim Doyle MacGregor

“Late nights at the Trib—then walking home at 4 a.m. in the snow.”
–Melanie Hinchey Continue reading ‘Alumni Share Their Memories of the Journalism Program’

A Successful Start to the Centennial of Journalism at Marquette

By Jennifer Janviere

'Centennial Seminars' program behind the scenes in Studio 7This past Friday, the Diederich College of Communication officially began celebrating a century of journalism education at Marquette University. The kickoff consisted of two big events in one day: the student-produced Centennial Seminars program, taped and live steamed in the early afternoon, and the Centennial Kickoff celebration at the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit later that evening.

Centennial Seminars, taped in Studio 7 (Johnston Hall), offered a panel discussion on ethical issues in journalism. Panel guests included some local names (Ron Smith and Raquel Rutledge of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and our very own Dr. Bonnie Brennen) as well as national ones (political strategist Sophia Nelson, John Barron of the Chicago Sun-Times, Chris Bury of ABC News and Adam Yamaguchi from Current TV’s Vanguard). Students, faculty and staff gathered together in the new JH 103 multimedia classroom to watch the discussion unfold via livestream broadcast.

That evening, the Streets of Old Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Public Museum came alive with faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the college, all there to celebrate the past, present and future of our journalism program. Students dressed as old-fashioned ‘newsies’ strolled the cobblestone pavement throughout the evening equipped with iPads, showing student-created projects about various historical aspects of the journalism program at Marquette. Guests took novelty photos against the backdrop of old buildings holding  prop newspapers while a barbershop quartet sang in the background. Later in the evening, dean Lori Bergen gave a speech about the centennial milestone, after which Marquette’s own Gold N’ Blues entertained guests with a medley of songs. As a whole, the event was a great way to start off the year-long festivities.

Now that the Centennial of Journalism is officially underway in the Diederich College of Communication, stay tuned for upcoming events by visiting this blog, our college website or our Centennial of Journalism at Marquette website.

View photos from behind the scenes of the Centennial Seminars production and the Centennial Kickoff party at MPM on Flickr.

Politifact Used as Important Political Honesty Detection Tool During Election Season

By Steve Byers

PolitiFact logoThe Diederich College is making an impact by proxy in the current Wisconsin election campaign. Several people with ties to the college are heading or participating in the Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact Wisconsin, a development that was also reported in a nicely-written story by student Brooke Goodman published in the Marquette Tribune.

The Journal Sentinel’s effort is headed by alum Greg Borowski, the newspaper’s senior editor for projects and investigations, and has included contributions by Jim Nelson and Dave Umhoefer. All three have taught in the College in the past couple of years.

PolitiFact originated with the St. Petersburg Times, but the Journal Sentinel has adapted it to Wisconsin where it measures the truth of political advertising with rating ranging from “absolutely true” (rarely awarded) to “pants on fire” (thankfully, also rarely awarded). Much more prevalent are middling ratings such as “mostly true” or “barely true.”

It’s yet another instance of the College’s contribution to society in general.

Steve Byers is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism at Marquette University’s Diederich College of Communication.

E!’s new PR reality show:The Spin Crowd

By Danielle Kuhman

E! TV has a new show called ‘The Spin Crowd.’ It is a reality show dealing with Command PR, one of the largest public relations firms in the country. After it strategically premiered August 22 following the season premiere of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” it had over 2.3 million hits (source: TV by the numbers). From what I know, this is the first show of its kind.

Take a look here at the promo for the show online.

One of the issues I have with it is how realistic it would be in a setting away from Hollywood. PR does similar things everywhere, but in a place like Los Angeles where beauty and fame are magnified more than anywhere else, it may not be very realistic for a PR associate in St. Louis, for example. The first episode alone features the owner, Jonathan Cheban, telling Ericka, a first year associate, that he has made her a pre-paid appointment for lip injections. The PR people I have talked to or those who have come into any of my classes at school seem very different from the associates Command has working for them. Continue reading ‘E!’s new PR reality show:The Spin Crowd’

Students Help Showcase Global Project Through Digital Storytelling

By Jennifer Janviere
'Pigtails' doll created by Peruvian KnittersIt all began with a captivating image.

While accompanying National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry on a trip through a remote part of Tibet, Milwaukee gallery owner Rob Quinn captured the portrait of an anonymous young girl.

The photograph (nicknamed “pigtails”) immediately captivated the gallery owner’s wife and accomplished doll maker, Wendy. Rob and Wendy decided to seek out craftswomen in the town of Yauli, Peru (reknown for its expert knitters) to create hand-made replicas of the striking photograph.

For the Quinns, this also became an opportunity to develop a business capable of generating sustainable revenue for the Yauli community. The craftswomen would knit each doll, and the Quinns would sell the finished product in their gallery, returning the profits to the Peruvian town. From this chain of events, the Underwood Foundation doll project was born.

The Quinns teamed up with Diederich College of Communication Advisory Board Member Dan Patrinos and the trio contacted Marquette about promoting the project through a collaborative class effort. Linda Menck, the College’s professional-in-residence and digital storytelling proponent, quickly became involved. Continue reading ‘Students Help Showcase Global Project Through Digital Storytelling’

O-Fest 2010

By Grace Linden

A look back at the annual O-Fest event on the MU Campus.O-Fest was very busy this past Friday! I signed up for many things and it was easy to look for what I wanted! I ended up signing up for clubs and volunteer projects I didn’t even think about before I went to O-Fest. I ended up signing up for Ad Club and PRSSA which are beneficial to my major, Advertising. I also wanted to get more involved this year, so I signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters and got information on sororities too. I’m excited to get more involved this year and O-Fest was a great opportunity for me to see what clubs and volunteer projects there are available on or around campus.

Grace Linden is a student majoring in Advertising/Public Relations in the Diederich College of Communication.

Meet Our New Assistant Dean, Dr. Chioma Ugochukwu

Chioma Ugochukwu, Assistant Dean of Student ServicesThe Diederich College of Communication welcomes our newest member, assistant dean for student services, Dr. Chioma Ugochuckwu.

Ugochukwu comes to our college from the University of South Carolina-Upstate, where she was an associate professor of journalism and mass communication. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas with a doctoral portfolio in women’s studies.  Her undergraduate degree in dramatic arts and her masters in mass communication are from the University of Nigeria in Nsukka.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of Marquette University or the Diederich College of Communication.

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