Saved by the Bell

By Jennifer Solario

“If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”

An American expression that I myself have lived by, or have at least tried to. It is rude to waste the time of those who expect you, because you must always remember, time is of the essence. Time is money.

However, one of the main differences between America and India is that in India, they adhere to a code of timing known as

Indian Time.

Indian time plays into the discrepancy in understanding the concept of time here in India. If class starts at 9:00, to them it means 9:15, sometimes farther. However, it goes both ways. If they say they will be somewhere at 6:00, they may also choose to be there 45 minutes earlier.

Indian Time.

Classes have begun and both Carole and Dr. Byers have made clear that it’s necessary for students to arrive on time, otherwise, they’re going to do what the Indian professors here at St. Xavier’s do. Lock up the doors promptly at the start of the hour, wait for all the stragglers to line up, open up the door at a later point throughout their lecture, line em up at the front, and call them all out. I know Andrea and I would love to see that happen.

The first day of classes began with orientation, writing exercises, and team organization. All of the lectures are taught between Dr. Byers and Carole. I have had Dr. Byers as a professor before, for a digital storytelling course that does not exist anymore, but next semester, I will be taking a Graduate level Digital Storytelling course taught by Carole. After seeing her instructing and work with the students, I am now more excited than I ever thought I would be for a Tuesday night class.

The excitement of the first day was almost too much to settle them down to do work! Teams were chosen, and ideas were somewhat exchanged. A bit of conflict has been foreseen from my group, but I look forward to seeing where their creative flow will take them.

Jennifer Solario is a student in the Diederich College of Communication. This January she is accompanying the college to India as they teach backpack journalism at St. Xavier University. Read her full blog at

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