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2012 Graduation Photos

Performing Arts graduates and faculty. Photo: Carole Burns and Jenny Harpum.

We’ve uploaded some photos from our 2012 graduation ceremony last weekend, taken by Wakerly Technology Training Center director Carole Burns and WTTC  Resident Einstein Jenny Harpum. View the 2012 Diederich College graduation set on Flickr.

March Madness Through the Eyes of Twitter

By Claire Karon

March madness. This month is dominated by the most intense, grueling, and emotional tournament in college basketball. It consumes the lives of people young, old, sports fans, and non-sports fans alike. There is something fascinating about watching basketball games between teams you never thought would play each other, and trying your best to predict the outcome. Who doesn’t get a thrill out of arguing with family and friends about which NCAA Men’s basketball team is superior?

Especially when you have no connection to that team, or the reason you want them to win is because the team they are playing you absolutely can’t stand. It is the time of the year to prove to yourself how much you know about college hoops, and if you are like me, to prove to your friends and family you know more than them too…who doesn’t like a little bit of friendly competition.

Tweet 1

The story is no different here at Marquette. If you kept up with the MU Basketball season at all this year, you know that it was filled with lots of exciting games, devastating losses, and a huge amount of support from the Marquette community. Lots of this support came from one of our favorite social media sites; Twitter. From my perspective it almost seems that Twitter is becoming just as popular (if not more) than Facebook. Especially when trying to reach a large group of people with similar interests. The Marquette community is a very tight knit one. Yet for a “medium sized” school our following is exponentially greater than that. Support from students, alums, families, and the community helped make Marquette’s NCAA Tournament experience that much more exciting. There are a number of different Twitter accounts that are all associated with Marquette University, and during tournament time most of the Tweets are usually something #mubb related.

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A Front Row Seat for New York Fashion Week

By Crystal Schreiner 

Chris Benz showcasing his next line at the Lincoln Center during NY Fashion Week. Photo: Crystal Schreiner.

Chris Benz showcasing his next line at the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Crystal Schreiner.

My last semester of my senior year has finally arrived. I’m one class short of my actual degree in advertising and trying to juggle school while managing my roller-coaster life outside of the classroom. Between running a lucrative start-up business called with other Marquette alumni, freelancing to build my portfolio and working in Marquette’s Student Media Department, it’s been crazy.

It’s been sleepless. It’s been a challenge. But it has also led to amazing opportunities.

Growing up next to a beautiful sheep farm in a small town called Athens, Wisconsin, with a mere 1,000 people and no stoplights never stopped me from trying for my goal in life to be big, bold and over-the-top. I’ve always had a dreamy image in my head when trying to imagine what gigantic cities were like, and especially when picturing what the nation’s competitive capital, NYC, was like. I was so intrigued at the thought of skyscrapers and city lights painting the sky. And I now know that with hard work and persistence, anyone can find his or her way to New York if so desired.

The rule of the game is as follows: first, find a passion. Then live it, breath it, and carry it with you everywhere you go. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of Times Square with a little tear of happiness in your eye.

I’ll never forget that moment.

What is this passion of mine? Fashion photography. Continue reading ‘A Front Row Seat for New York Fashion Week’

Saved by the Bell

By Jennifer Solario

“If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”

An American expression that I myself have lived by, or have at least tried to. It is rude to waste the time of those who expect you, because you must always remember, time is of the essence. Time is money.

However, one of the main differences between America and India is that in India, they adhere to a code of timing known as

Indian Time.
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Twitter Trend Analysis

By Kati Tusinski Berg

Sample Tweets

Sample tweets from students in Berg's ADPR 1800 course.

A couple of years ago I totally resisted Twitter, but over the past year I have come to enjoy it as a way to connect with colleagues, students and industry pros. Thanks to my colleague Gee Ekachai (@FvrythingPR) for encouraging me to get up-to-date with my social media skills. I have tried to develop a professional brand on Twitter than relates to my work as a professor in public relations in the Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University. Not only do I use hashtags for my courses (e.g. #adpr1800 and #ccom2000) but this semester I created a semester-long project for my ADPR 1800 Principles of Public Relations classes.

Students were required to create a public, professional-oriented Twitter account for class. I spent one lecture at the beginning of the semester reviewing online professionalism and ethics to remind them about the implications of posting inappropriate content online. Then students chose at least three PR professionals (e.g. @augieray or @ginidietrich), PR agencies (e.g. @ogilvypr @BraniganComm PR-related organizations (e.g. @PRSA or @PRnews) to follow on Twitter. Continue reading ‘Twitter Trend Analysis’

Five Tips for Beating Back to School Stress

By Claire Karon

Marquette University campus during autumnHow is it possible that we are already a month into the school year? August came and went, September is almost gone, and October is slowly creeping up on us. Like the ever-changing leaves in fall, our beloved Marquette campus continues to change as well. New students, new classes, and a new president, and somehow we are supposed to keep all these new things organized and try and have a social life at the same time. Is all of this even possible? How are we supposed to handle all of this pressure? Maybe we should take some time and figure out a few ways one can deal with this early school year stress:

Put yourself in a good mood. Listen to some calming music, light some scented candles (if you’re not in a dorm that is), pull on your favorite sweatshirt, whatever it takes. The better your mood is, the easier it will be to deal with whatever you have going on. Your mood effects how you work, and it effects the people around you, therefore it stands to reason that the better you feel, the more productive you will be.

Surround yourself with people you enjoy. We all know family and friends have a ton of influence in our lives. So it is probably best to spend time with people that make you feel good. Have lunch with a friend, take your roommate to the library with you, or call your brother just to say hi! Whatever works. Yes, this can be difficult with classes and studying and such, but the feeling of being with people you love, and that love you in return is a far greater feeling than any homework assignment you will ever have. Personal interaction is extremely important and also contributes to an overall better mood. Continue reading ‘Five Tips for Beating Back to School Stress’

Study Reveals Campus Publications Still Popular

By Lauren Haberkorn

Though the rest of the world may be cancelling their newspaper delivery, it seems as though college students are still picking up the old fashioned newspaper. In an article titled “Ink-stained students: Georgetown University’s Hoya newspaper is a microcosm of campus journalism” that appeared in the Washington Post last April, writer Karen Houppert examined student published newspapers on campus across the country, and supported the idea that, for the most part, “student newspapers…have not seen the same drop in readership experienced by most professional papers.”

It’s a conflict of messages for most students; being told that as communication students, we need all the writing experience we can find while also hearing about the rise of social media and the simultaneous decline of print readership among the public. Continue reading ‘Study Reveals Campus Publications Still Popular’

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of Marquette University or the Diederich College of Communication.

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