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Digital Storytelling: An International Exchange of Ideas

By Jennifer Janviere

Joe Lambert speaks at the Relato Digital Storytelling Conference in Valencia, Spain.

Joe Lambert speaks at the Relato Digital Storytelling Conference in Valencia, Spain.

Last month,  I had the opportunity to attend the international Relato Digital Storytelling Conference at the Universitat de Valencia in Spain. I was there to present a video poster that I’d created with my friends and colleagues Daria Kempka and Mandi Linder about using the tools for multimedia narrative to empower people who had experienced past traumatic life experiences. I was also fortunate to learn from the presentations of other academics and storytelling professionals at the conference (not to mention getting the chance to put my Spanish language skills into practice).

There were many great ideas that people shared during the event. Some of these were entirely new concepts, while others were affirmations about the importance of this creative medium. Continue reading ‘Digital Storytelling: An International Exchange of Ideas’

Saved by the Bell

By Jennifer Solario

“If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”

An American expression that I myself have lived by, or have at least tried to. It is rude to waste the time of those who expect you, because you must always remember, time is of the essence. Time is money.

However, one of the main differences between America and India is that in India, they adhere to a code of timing known as

Indian Time.
Continue reading ‘Saved by the Bell’

Students Help Showcase Global Project Through Digital Storytelling

By Jennifer Janviere
'Pigtails' doll created by Peruvian KnittersIt all began with a captivating image.

While accompanying National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry on a trip through a remote part of Tibet, Milwaukee gallery owner Rob Quinn captured the portrait of an anonymous young girl.

The photograph (nicknamed “pigtails”) immediately captivated the gallery owner’s wife and accomplished doll maker, Wendy. Rob and Wendy decided to seek out craftswomen in the town of Yauli, Peru (reknown for its expert knitters) to create hand-made replicas of the striking photograph.

For the Quinns, this also became an opportunity to develop a business capable of generating sustainable revenue for the Yauli community. The craftswomen would knit each doll, and the Quinns would sell the finished product in their gallery, returning the profits to the Peruvian town. From this chain of events, the Underwood Foundation doll project was born.

The Quinns teamed up with Diederich College of Communication Advisory Board Member Dan Patrinos and the trio contacted Marquette about promoting the project through a collaborative class effort. Linda Menck, the College’s professional-in-residence and digital storytelling proponent, quickly became involved. Continue reading ‘Students Help Showcase Global Project Through Digital Storytelling’

Oh No! I’ve Caught the Shutter Bug!

By Carole Burns

New Media Consortium participants with cameras. Photo by Larry Johnson.

Earlier this month I attended the New Media Consortium’s summer conference in Disneyland. Part of the conference focused on digital photography and I had the honor of working with Bill Frakes, an award winning photographer for Sports Illustrated.  I grabbed my Nikon camera, purchased a new lens to test out, and headed for California.

Bill was very patient and assisted me with shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings.  We headed into the park to see what we could find to fill the required assignment – red, blue, green, close up shot, shadow, and motion blur. It took me the better part of the day to figure out where these settings were on my new camera. *Editors Note* always bring your camera manual with you to a photo class! During break I Googled my camera manual and that sped up the process. Continue reading ‘Oh No! I’ve Caught the Shutter Bug!’

Digital Storytelling: More Story, Less Digital, Please

By Gee Ekachai

Digital storytelling seems to be a buzz word these days.
PR pros talk about they need to use storytelling as a strategy to persuade their stakeholders.

Journalists, especially the dying print breed, are rushing to learn more about digital technology as a new way to report news. Many retool themselves and have become backpack journalists.

Schools started to catch on and offer courses or workshops in digital storytelling that even I want to jump on the bandwagon.

All of this is good IF we would focus more on the “story” portion, and not making the digital or technology the primary element of the story.

As a person trained in journalism, I am often puzzled by the growing enthusiasm, at times at hyperbole stage, in the storytelling wave. The fact is journalism is always about telling a story. PR writers also find creative ways to craft their stories. Whether it be a hard story or a soft story, writers attempt to tell the story in a certain compelling way that would make readers read beyond the lead. The new challenge is the addition of digital media, be it still photos, movie clips or audio voice over, as part of the story.

But the gist still remains: What is the story? What is the content? What exactly do you want to convey through texts, audio and visuals? Continue reading ‘Digital Storytelling: More Story, Less Digital, Please’

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