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Reflections on the 2011 Marquette Debate Institute

By Jason Baron

Marquette Debate Institute

MUDI in Johnston Hall. Photo by Ben Smidt.

Although this year at Marquette University Debate Institute (MUDI) has gone great, I have to start by commenting on what MUDI did for me last year. People always say moving from novice to varsity is like being pushed off a cliff and being forced to learn how to fly on the way down. But because of MUDI 2010, I proved that notion wrong. For my first 3 varsity tournaments I went 9-0. It wasn’t until round 3 of the next tournament that I eventually suffered my first varsity loss. I am proof that the Marquette University Debate Institute will prepare someone to become a winner at varsity level debate competitions.

It is with this sentiment in mind that I anticipate even better things for this year’s program. For starters, we are focusing a lot more and getting a lot done. Plus, the comradery between all the participants here this year is so intense. Between the seven debaters and the three coaches, we all just love to joke around and have fun, but at the same time getting work done during lectures —oops, “seminars” as we’re taught to refer to them —or library time. Well, maybe we have a few comic relief points mixed in with the work!

If you ask me, having gone through MUDI almost twice I can say this: If you love debate, there is no better place to be in the summer than at MUDI.

View photos from the 2011 Marquette University Debate Institute on Flickr

Jason Baron is a participant in the 2011 Marquette University Debate Institute, held each summer in the Diederich College of Communication.  Jason, who will be a junior at Mukwonago High School during the 2011-2012 academic year, attended MUDI last year and returned this year.

Centennial of Journalism on Display

By Herbert Lowe

View of the Centennial of Journalism display at the Raynor Library

Michelle Sweetser and Matt Blessing of University archives in front of the Centennial of Journalism display, Raynor Library

From the founding fathers in the 1910s – John E. Copus, S.J., and John Danihy, S.J. – to those two benefactors who gave so much just a few years ago – J. William and Mary Diederich – many people have helped to shape journalism education at Marquette University.

To help focus attention on the Diederich College’s centennial of journalism celebration, the Raynor Libraries recently unveiled a large glass display that showcases Fathers Copus and Danihy, the Diederichs and others in several images related to those first 100 years.

At the behest of our college’s dean, Lori Bergen, Ph.D., I worked with Matt Blessing, head of the department of special collections and university archives, and associate archivist Michelle Sweetser, to produce the display now in the libraries’ primary passageway. Continue reading ‘Centennial of Journalism on Display’

Interactive Technology in the New Student Lounge

By Chris Whitman

New Student Lounge in Johnston Hall

New student lounge in Johnston Hall, pictured here in the final phase of construction. October 2010.

I recently sat down with Mr. Jon Pray, Vice Provost of Educational Technology at Marquette to discuss the technology aspects of the upcoming student lounge and how it will impact students.

The new student lounge, currently under construction in Johnston Hall will feature a video wall of LCD displays as well as two more stand-alone displays. This new student lounge will bring a much needed collaborative space for multimedia evaluation and group work. Continue reading ‘Interactive Technology in the New Student Lounge’

100 Years of Journalism of Marquette: Digital, Distinctive, Diverse

A broadcast journalism student works with technical equipment in Johnston Hall.It’s time of celebration: as Marquette University commences its year-long ‘Centennial Celebration of Women’ this fall,  the Diederich College of Communication will also celebrate an important milestone: 100 years of Journalism education. We’ll be keeping our readers up to date on a year full of activities and guest speakers planned to commemorate this event, so stay tuned!

To begin the celebration, we’ve posted some photos of our Journalism program over the years on Flickr. As Johnston Hall, the home of Marquette Journalism, undergoes renovations to transition our college into the future, these images offer an intriguing glimpse into the past.

View the “100 Years of Journalism” photo album on Flickr.

Reflections After the Workshop

By Carole Burns

Johnston Hall, third floor hallwayQuiet.

Up until noon last Friday these three words would be far off from the atmosphere of lab 300 in Johnston Hall.  For the past two weeks the Diederich College of Communication and Marquette University has been host to fifteen pre-college students as they navigate their way through multimedia journalism.

I had the pleasure of pulling all their hard work together into an iWeb format amidst the calls for help from the students. Jen Janviere and I worked daily with the students to help them build their skills and move to new heights.

But something else happened in the meantime. I saw a group of 15 strangers come together as a well oiled journalistic machine. Rose Richard and Sheena Carey directed the program and made sure the students made it to pre-arranged interviews on time. Continue reading ‘Reflections After the Workshop’

Women, Politics and Social Change

By Jennifer Janviere

Dee Dee Myers in a discussion with students from the Diederich College of CommunicationYesterday, Marquette was visited by former White House Press Secretary, author and political commentator Dee Dee Myers. The Diederich College of Communication was fortunate enough to have Ms. Myers stop by Studio 7 in Johnston Hall, where she chatted with students about her experience working on Capitol Hill during the Clinton administration, what it’s like to be the liaison between the president and the press, and the unique pressures of being a woman working in media and politics.

During the discussion, Ms. Myers emphasized the necessity of women in leadership roles, not only in politics, but also in businesses and communities. She pointed to statistics that show women are the ones most likely to develop socially-minded businesses that create jobs for the communities in which they live and are most likely to invest back in those communities. She mentioned that women involved in politics are more likely to advocate for social and environmental reforms than their male counterparts, regardless of party affiliation.

Ms. Myers stressed, however, that although male and female experiences are certainly different from one another, the life perspective of one gender was not superior to that of the other. Rather, she pointed out the need for diverse perspectives in shaping healthy businesses, politics and societies, and that the increasingly important role of women in societies across the globe to ultimately lead to a more peaceful and prosperous world.

It’s a concept that, while nothing new in our culture, is still gaining ground in many places. Living in the U.S, this can sometimes be easy to forget. That’s why it’s great that people like Dee Dee Myers remind us that, while much progress has been made over the last century, there are still many steps ahead on the path to gender equality in politics, business and society.

Jennifer Janviere is a multimedia specialist and instructor in the Diederich College of Communication.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual authors and do not represent the views of Marquette University or the Diederich College of Communication.

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